Fraud protection for common banking services

Fraud protection for common banking services

Banking services fraud has become more and more common and especially those from virtual environment. Anti -money laundering regulation are the trends legislation in financial, banking and data protection market. But this is not the only fraud from virtual services. Information technology systems are using advanced anti-fraud techniques and yet the banking services used between many parties involved and between many banks couldn’t stop the fraud. Other products that may be fraudulent are credit cards and mobile wallets. Any fraud potential is where the money exists.

It is recommended to use one single platform for those transactions and the risk of fraud is reduced. Zeta Finance is one of the platforms that offer protection against fraud and money laundering regarding the common banking services. Here you could place every order you want for the use and completion of financial services, and the risk of fraud is low.

Fraud could be every aspect of your financial life. Our experts will provide you with special consultancy and the financial services you use on Zeta Finance will be protected even if you are an individual or a businessman.

1. Protecting your financial services

Bank fraud and identity theft are the most common types of scams. Therefore, using one single platform for all your financial services, you will not incur any problems in disclosing your confidential data regarding your cards or your personal data. Platform Zeta Finance is the place that offers you security when you make transactions between several banks at once or transactions with several suppliers. Our team of experts is available 24/7 and could provide advice and assistance if you have any questions regarding the protection of your financial services. Messages from fraudsters mostly contain grammatical errors in their texts and this cannot be found using the platform.

2. Identity protection

Even today, the banking community is concerned about fraud and identity theft. There has always been a necessity to implement projects whose main objective is to protect the client and avoid incidents of fraud and money laundering. 

Using Zeta Finance you are never required by third parties to disclose your access code. The impostors usually try to contact “victims” in a variety of ways, using multiple sources: email, phone, post mail, etc… Using a single dashboard your identity is secured.

3. Reduce unnecessary fraud risks

Reducing the fraud risk will remain the concern of the banking community and other players in the economy. Collaboration protocols between banks and third parties are violated by the common fraud, even if there are strict anti-fraud rules. Using Zeta Finance reduces the fraud risk of an imposter asking you to transfer money in an unexpected way. Also, if you run a business, your company’s employees do not risk of becoming victims of pay fraud when they receive their salaries.

Card fraud is one of the most common and is called “phishing”. Using Zeta Finance financial services, the transactions are done in one place and you don’t have to use multiple tools at once.