About Us

Welcome to Zeta Finance!

Zeta Finance provides trusted financial services and advices for those who want financial independence. Our goal is to help and offer various financial planning to everyone looking to manage their finances more efficiently. We have grown through our commitment to customers to exceed their expectations every day. 

Zeta Finance has a wide range of tailor made financial solutions to individuals to make more money with less stress. Our experts are available whenever you need them. For those who need help navigating on our platform our advisors offer a comprehensive approach 24 hours, 7 days per week. If you have  diverse financial goals we are here to make sure you get the right advice for your financial protection.

Meet the team of financial experts at Zeta Finance!

Louis Barre

Chairman, President and CEO

Louis Barre is the President and CEO of Zeta Finance. He has a strong experience as a financial advisor in top tier financial institutions and in tax and fiscal leasing matters. He holds a Master degree in finance and economics. After more than 25 years of experience, he decided to create Zeta Finance for all those interested in taking control of their financial situation. 

‘I want to convert Zeta Finance in an internationally recognized hub as one of the safest platform to invest your money. I welcome our clients to use our digital financial services as a solution center for their financial life.’

Dennisa Perl is an international CFO with over 15 years of experience in multinational companies. She has joined Zeta Finance to improve the services with her operational finance experience. ‘We offer top quality services, tailored to cover vital need of our clients.’

Dennisa Perl


Antony Richard is one of the most experienced financial analyst. Before joining Zeta Finance, he had advised on large scale of projects for major companies from financial industry. His competence and long experience covers financial reports and analysis. Antony holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Antony Richard

Senior Financial Analyst

Heinrich Bieber is specialized in digital financial services. Since joining Zeta Finance, Heinrich has acted for customers in a wide variety of customer care projects. His job responsibilities include guiding clients in the purchasing processes. He ensures to keep a high level of clients satisfaction on Zeta Finance platform.

Heinrich Bieber

Customer Service Specialist

Rody Metin is a data analyst expert and he has worked with over 30+ multinational organizations. With his experience, he will focus on providing Zeta Finance’s clients with innovative services for their financial experience.

Rody Metin

Data Analyst